Causes Of Lower Back Pain

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If you have ever injured your back, you know how debilitating an injury can be. Affecting your sleep, daily tasks, and the ability to be active, a bad back not only demoralizes your psyche but severely impacts your life.

As the primary cause of disability worldwide, the prevalence of lower back injuries in America is increasing.  With over twenty-nine percent of people over 18 experiencing lower back pain, and thirty-three percent of people 65 years and older experiencing pain as well, it’s now imperative that people take the right precautions regarding their bodies.

And at Innovation Spine, our dedicated staff led by Dr. Ronald Michelli, a chiropractor in Malverne, and Dr. Dmitry Fuzaylov, a pain management physician in Malverne, are committed to the health and education of our patients.

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So How Does it Happen?

Referred often as a sprain or strain, lower back pain is often caused by a pulling/ tearing of a muscle or ligament in your back.  While an injury might occur instantaneously, it can develop over time, so be sure to contact Dr. Michelli, a chiropractor in Malverne if symptoms worsen.

Common causes:

  • Lifting heavy objects. Many lower back injuries occur at the gym, so make sure you consult with a trainer before doing any exercises you are unsure of. According to a University of Arkansas study, gym injuries have increased a staggering 35 percent primarily due to poor posture and partaking in excessive weights and reps.
  • No surprise here, but playing sports is the main contributor to lower back injuries.  Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, up to to 20% of all sports injuries are related to your lower back. These injuries result from all the stress, pressure, twisting, and turning placed on your spine, so it’s vital you warm up prior to playing any practice or game. This will increase circulation and stretch the lower and upper muscles in your back.
  • Poor posture: It might not happen right away, but poor posture can eventually lead to issues with your lower back. Putting undue stress on your spine can create problems with your muscles and joints.


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